Gov’t peace efforts yield no positive result’

‘Gov’t peace efforts yield no positive result’

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KABUL: The Massoud Foundation said the deteriorating security situation in the country was a result of the poor performance of the Afghan security forces and the government.

Ahmad Wali Massoud, head of the Massoud Foundation, told a press conference here that increasing suicide attacks and bombings were not due to the strength of terrorism but due to the government’s poor leadership.

At least 26 people including media workers were killed and 91 others wounded when twin suicide blasts hit a sports club in the sixth police district of Kabul late on Wednesday. The attack was claimed by Daesh.

About interference of regional and other countries in Afghanistan’s affairs, Massoud said: “Others are interfering in Afghanistan affairs because there is no organized power in the government and that’s why we have no control over peace, war and economy.”

He said billions of dollars had been spent on the peace process over the last 17 years, but the result was seen on Wednesday when a large number of youth were killed and wounded.

About differences inside the government, he said: “Regional and other countries have strategic interests in Afghanistan and in such a situation, there are serious differences among the Presidential Palace, the chief executive office, the first and second vice-presidents, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and governors.”

Massoud said Afghanistan was put being into complex games and peace would continue to elude the country until an accountable and national government was formed.

He expressed concern about recent attacks in the country and asked the public to get united against infiltration of Afghans’ enemies.


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