Govt presents optimized budget to tackle challenges

ISLAMABAD (APP): Minister for Federal Education and Professional Training, Rana Tanveer Hussain, expressed his satisfaction with the recently unveiled budget, considering it the best possible outcome given the prevailing tough economic conditions. During his budget speech in National Assembly, he said that huge damage was inflicted on the economy during the tenure of the PTI government. He revealed that even PTI members themselves had expressed concerns about the struggling economy in their tenure and sought its revival.
The minister said the situation was even more challenging than initially anticipated, as revealed during the initial briefing to us in 2021 on the state of the economy. Reflecting on the efforts of the PML-N government from 2013 to 2018, he highlighted their successful endeavors to overcome various challenges, particularly in the energy and power sectors. Furthermore, he criticized the circumstances that led to Nawaz Sharif’s removal from Prime Minister’s office, citing the controversial Aqama case and the subsequent formation of a Joint Investigation Team (JIT).
He recalled that during Nawaz Sharif’s last tenure as Prime Minister, foreign reserves stood at around 22-23 billion US dollars, inflation was approximately two percent, and the exchange rate was Rs. 105 per dollar. He said that PML-N government utilized foreign loans with responsibility and invested in infrastructure and other projects such as ports, motorways, and metro systems, ultimately leading to a prosperous Pakistan. However, he expressed disappointment with the PTI government, accusing them of lacking vision and resorting to acts of aggression against parliamentary and state institutions, including an attack on Parliament and PTV.
The minister further alleged that the 2018 general elections were marred by manipulation, citing pre-poll and election day rigging. He accused the PTI Chairman of undermining the parliament, engaging in embezzlement, and participating in corrupt practices. He emphasized the importance of industrial growth while acknowledging that agriculture remains the backbone of the economy, and therefore, priority has been given to enhancing agricultural production. The minister highlighted the government’s unwavering commitment to supporting farmers through a range of incentives aimed at strengthening the agricultural sector.
Additionally, he praised the PML-N leadership for their consistent encouragement of talented youth, emphasizing their commitment to nurturing young minds and providing them with opportunities for growth and development. Concluding his statement, the minister reaffirmed the PML-N’s commitment to the country’s progress and development, highlighting the party’s determination to overcome the risks of default that existed when they assumed power.