Govt put the economy on right track

Govt put the economy on right track: PM Imran

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ISLAMBAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has said the government has put the economy on the right track and now economy has stabilized, on Wednesday.

PM Imran Khan said this while addressing the agreement signing ceremony between a Chinese tyre manufacturing company and the government. Under the agreement the tyre manufacturing company will set up a production plant in Pakistan.

PM Imran said that when his government took over the economy was in a very bad shape.

The prime minister said that the rupee’s value has increased against the dollar in the last three months, and the country’s exports were also on the rise. He also congratulated his team on the stabilization of the rupee.

The prime minister further said that the economy has stabilized and the country will now progress. “The most positive outcome is that the IMF, World Bank and ADB themselves said that Pakistan is on the right direction,” he said.

While commenting on the ties with China, PM Imran said that China is helping Pakistan in every possible way. He added that Pakistan also wishes to help Chinese investors.

He added that now tyres will be manufactured in Pakistan and will no longer be smuggled.

“This will benefit the country in two ways. Firstly, we won’t have to import tyres. Secondly our exports will increase which will decrease our current account deficit and reduce the inflation,” he added.

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