Govt surrenders financial autonomy: Muqam

Shafi Ullah

MINGORA: Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) Khyber Pakhtunkhwa President Engineer Amir Muqam has claimed that incompetent government had surrendered financial autonomy before International Monetary Fund despite committing suicide as promised during election campaign.
PML-N president said that those who hit 100 billion in the face of IMF have mortgaged 220 million people of the country along with the State Bank of IMF. Introducing , he alleged ,the politics of vengeance and the politics of lies along with bringing unemployment to an end the present government is hostile to the people. By justifying corruption in the country, it has made only a few of its people the richest while 99.9% of the people arr the poorest he added.
Engineer Emir Muqam said that the government has made the country a beggar and a charity seeker. They are trying to please themselves by putting up their own plaques on the projects of PMLN, now people realized that PML-N under the leadership of Mian Nawaz Sharif is only the savior for the people of the country. Yes, the people, through their vote, inflicted atrocities on these incompetent and insensitive rulers revenge, the plans we made for the people without a mandate are part of history.
If there was a PML-N government today, gas would be burning in every house. So today all the three expressways would be completed and the people would benefit from them apart from this, the PTI government knows nothing but blindness. He was addressing a large convention on local body elections at the Muslim League House in Sangota Swat. PML-N Swat President Qaimus Khan, General Secretary Syed Habib Ali Shah, Qawi Khan, Former District Nazim Muhammad Ali Shah, Dr. Shaiber Mian and others also addressed.
Engineer Amir Muqam said that the struggle for party ticket is the right of every worker, but whoever the party nominates as a candidate, then all the workers should work hard for the ticket holder. We will bring the workers in the field of local body elections who are dedicated to the service of the people. And you can claim the right to be the best interpreter of the people.