‘Govt to fulfill its energy deficit with resources’

KABUL (Agencies): President Muhammad Ashraf Ghani in a virtual meeting with Mr. Dietmar Siersdorfer, the CEO and Managing Director of Siemens Energy Middle East discussed a range of issues pertaining to Afghanistan’s potentials and investment opportunities in renewable energy sector.

Mr. Siersdorfer provided information on the operations of Siemens Energy in Afghanistan said they are working together with the Afghan government based on joint plans to enable Afghanistan to take advantage of its energy potentials, particularly through capacity building initiatives in the area of renewable energy.

The CEO of Siemens Energy Middle East added that implementation of these plans will help Afghanistan improve its energy infrastructures in a sustainable manner which will greatly contribute to the country’s economic growth.

President Ashraf Ghani highlighted key investment opportunities in the Afghanistan said the government is willing to fulfill its energy deficit by generating huge amount of renewable energy through utilization of its available resources such as wind, hydro and solar.

President Ghani stressed that energy sector has direct relation with economic growth in a country and it is a top priority of the government to enhance the Afghanistan energy infrastructures and generation capacity to help the country have access to energy in a sustainable manner.

President Ghani said the Afghan government will hopefully sign an agreement with Siemens Energy in the near future to facilitate investment opportunities in the area of renewable energy and its relevant infrastructures.

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