Greece boat disaster: FIA to try traffickers under AML Act

ISLAMABAD (PPI): Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has decided to try suspected human traffickers involved in the Greek boat tragedy under the Anti-Money Laundering Act (AML Act). As per the FIA official, the agency has decided not only to freeze the bank accounts of the traffickers but also to blacklist their ID cards and passports.
A statement issued by the FIA spokesperson on Monday said FIA Director General (DG) Mohsin Hasan Butt and North Additional Director General (ADG) Rana Abdul Jabbar visited the agency’s Lahore Zone where they were briefed on the progress in the shipwreck investigation by Lahore Director Sarfraz Virk and Faisalabad Director Rai Ijaz Ahmed.
The Lahore and Faisalabad directors informed the senior FIA officials that five inquiries had been opened and 149 cases registered so far in their zones, while 41 human traffickers were arrested. The raiding teams are in constant contact with the families to arrest the human traffickers, they added. Subsequently, the DG FIA ordered the formation of more teams to immediately arrest the suspects involved in the incident, adding that the raiding teams were in constant contact with the families to arrest the traffickers.
He said that all resources should be used to make the arrests. FIA Director General issued an order to act under the Money Laundering Act against the suspects involved in the incident. “The identity cards and bank accounts of the agents involved in the boat accident should be blocked immediately,” he said adding that the passports of the human smugglers should be blacklisted.
Mohsin Butt directed the officers posted at all the airports of the country to keep a close watch for the arrest of the agents involved. Last month, an Italy-bound fishing trawler reportedly carrying at least 800 people — including approximately 350 Pakistanis — capsized off Greece. The incident led to a day of mourning along with the launch of a nationwide crackdown on human smugglers with many subsequently arrested.