Green economy as a symbol of crisis and stupidity of politicians

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Elena Karaeva

The West is training “rake-walking”: six years after the climate conference in Paris, the same participants flock to Glasgow to repeat a thesis that has proven worthless.

For the opening of the United Nations conference on climate change in Glasgow, Greta Thunberg was “galvanized” with her “how dare you!” and organized a massive press campaign under the slogans “the cities will be washed into the sea” and “the planet will be covered with a layer of soot if we continue to burn gasoline.”

They have not forgotten about books either: it turns out that publishing (not the selection of authors and editing, but its industrial sector – printing houses) is also harmful to nature. Wood disappears, paints are toxic, transport means CO2 emissions.

What to do?

The UN officials, as the gamblers of the idea of preserving the planet, but not the beneficiaries of such conclusions, call for solidarity and equality, as well as mutual assistance.

Who would mind?

The largest transnational corporations, which are the direct beneficiaries of the current situation, are rubbing their hands rather: on the one hand, they are playing on the shortage of energy resources, having the opportunity to raise prices for their products even to the skies, on the other, they are the ones (at least in European Union) are the main recipients of the pandemic economic recovery fund, half of which (over 350 billion euros) will go to the same “green transition”.

Leading to nowhere.

Since the transition to renewable energy sources (wind power and heat of the sun) was smooth only on paper, European bureaucrats technically forgot about ravines: for example, that Mother Nature affects the strength of the same wind and the number of sunny days per year.

This summer, she let the Europeans go both at a minimum.

The United States, which had promised its partners liquefied gas, the tankers – and again in accordance with the laws of the market – were redirected to Asia.

The United Kingdom, of which Scotland is a part, where the climate conference will take place and where gas has become a luxury and household heating and electricity bills will increase by about £ 800 a year, remain convinced that “the alternatives to switching to ecological fuels do not exist.”

On the other bank of the English Channel, in Brussels, they continue to assert that “only the energy of the wind and the sun will save us from our energy dependence on Russia.”

Meanwhile, on the eve of the Russian leader gave instructions to the leadership of ” Gazprom ” to start additional injection of “blue fuel” into European gas storage facilities from the Russian Federation.

In the battle between “green” and “blue”, the upper hand (and this is what those who do not want to freeze in their houses at the time of the attack on Europe by “General Frost” hope), apparently, gains the common sense of those who know how to make meaningful decisions.

And beautiful words, no matter how many times you repeat them, will not make the batteries warmer in homes.

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