Growing racism in Badin’s America

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A recent Washington Post’s poll has revealed that three quarters of Black Americans worry that they or their loved one can be physically attacked any time in future because of their race. According to poll, seventy percent of Black Americans think that half or more white Americans hold white supremacist beliefs, while 19 percent believe that these figures are fewer than half. Similarly, two-third participants were of the view that white supremacy is a bigger problem today compared to five years ago, while 28 percent consider it a relatively smaller issue.

The United States has a long history of racism since its inception in 1776, whereas Jim Crow laws were the sample of state sponsored racism in the past. There had been a wide gap between white and black Americans and it took decades for Black Americans to achieve their basic rights and equal citizenship after a long struggle for civil rights. However, racism still exists in American society and white supremacists consider themselves as supernatural creation and true beneficiaries of the United States while black Americans and immigrants are being considered inferior, foreigners and invaders on American land. However, the American government and intelligentsia never accepted the truth and usually covered up the issue under the carpet through propagation of American diverse society and pluralism. According to Southern Poverty Law Centre (SPLC), more than 1600 white extremist groups are operating in the United States while racism is regaining momentum after the revival of Nationalism by former US President Donald Trump during his presidential campaign in 2016 and thereafter.

In fact, the giant of hate crimes which is rapidly growing in American society is the outcome of racism and hate of white supremacists toward Black Americans as well as immigrants specifically Asian Americans. According to a recent report of the FBI about hate crimes and biased felonies, about 8263 criminal incidents and 11,129 related offenses had been reported to Police across the United States during 2020. The statistics revealed that out of 6780 known offenders 55.1% were white Americans, 21.2 percent African Americans, 1.1% Asians and the rest belonged to other ethnicities. American white supremacists and far-right movements of western counties have close nexus and cooperation among them, while several American white supremacist groups such as Rise Above Movement (RAM), Patriot Front, Feuerkreig Division and Atom waffen Division had been remained involved in terror activities in Germany, Bulgaria, Sweden, England, Belgium and other western nations in the past. Although, there are numerous laws for elimination of discrimination at work in government offices as well as private sector in the US, however no specifical legislation regarding hate crimes, racial discrimination and biased conduct of the public exists in the United States so far. According to House Majority Whip, James Clyburn (D-SC), American lawmakers yet not acknowledged the existence of racism in American society so no anti-racism legislation had been tabled in the US Congress.

Racism is a product of a sick mentality and moral depletion, while racist and dogmatic politics have further polluted the environment of American society. Currently, 47 million African Americans and over 50 million immigrants are concerned about their future due to rising extremism in the US. Hence, US lawmakers must act for the approval of anti-racism law to protect immigrants and African Americans.

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