Growing Taliban activities in surrounding districts pose threat to Kabul

Growing Taliban activities in surrounding districts pose threat to Kabul

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KABUL: Taliban have recently increased their activities in different districts of Kabul province, posing threat to Kabul city.

The districts in which the Taliban have increased operations included Paghman, Qarabagh, Khak-e-Jabar, Chaharasiab, Deh Sabz and Shakar Dara. According to local residents and security officials, the Taliban have also established bases in some of these districts.

A security official in Paghman told Afghan Islamic Press (AIP) on condition of anonymity that the Taliban have established bases in the Bara Arghandai area of the same district but the government was unable to challenge them.

He said the Taliban night operations have also increased in the Pashayee Dara and Khwaja Musafir areas.

The Taliban fighters are patrolling the area on their motorcycles in the night as result no civilian can confidently come out of their homes in the night, Syed Asghar Oryakhil, a resident of Paghman’s Oryakhil area, told AIP.

Two weeks ago, the Taliban killed three policemen in Arghandai area.

Alf Gul, a resident of Arghandai area, said the people who are working in the government have shifted their families to Kabul city.

Khak-e-Jabar is another district of Kabul province where the Taliban have established safe havens.

Hashmat Stanekzai, spokesman of Kabul police, confirmed the Taliban activities in Khak-e-Jabar district but denied the presence of Taliban bases in the district.

The residents of Khak-e-Jabar district told AIP that the Taliban have a base in Chinar area near Butkhak as well as they established a checkpoint and searching the people.

Similarly, the Qarabagh district has been experiencing Taliban operations almost every day for the last two years.

According to AIP information, the tourists who used to visit the Daudzai and some other areas of the district are now facing security problems. A video posted on social media few weeks ago, featured Taliban grilling a man and a woman on charges of involvement in immoral activities in Qarabagh district.

The Taliban are also occasionally conducting operations in Ghaza area of Shakardara district and Chak areas of Paghman district.

The operation conducted by security forces three days ago is a good example of Taliban presence in Shakardara district. A candidate of Wolesi Jirga was also killed during the operation.

Similarly, the Taliban are also conducting operations in Mosahi, Deh Sabz and Kalkan district s of Kabul province have also introduced and implemented their own laws. The local residents like and obey these laws.

Few years ago, the Taliban asked the people to avoid huge spending on weddings, said Qari Rahmatullah, a resident of Kalkan district.

He said the people were pleased with the Taliban orders and are willing obeying the Taliban directives.

Sarobi is the most troubled district in Kabul province and being visited by Taliban from Laghman and Nangarhar province.

A group of Taliban from Sarobi district went to Nangarhar few days ago to take part in fighting against Islamic State-Khorasan in Khugyani district.

The Taliban often attack convoys and government forces’ posts on Kabul-Jalalabad highway.

Interior ministry, however, claim security situation in districts surrounding Kabul is comparatively good and not a source of concern.

Nasrat Rahimi, deputy spokesman of interior ministry, told AIP that Kabul police are conducting operations in areas surrounding Kabul city time by time and establishing active checkpoints.

He said the occurrence of some incidents did not mean that there existed a major security threat to Kabul.

The Taliban also report operations in different districts of Kabul. They distributed the Eidul Adha message of their emir Sheikh Haibullah in the Mosahi and Khak-e-Jabar districts on broad daylight few days ago.

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