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Gunmen Attack Police Check Post Near Qargha Lake, 3 Killed

KABUL (Tolo News): Three Afghan police officers were killed when unknown gunmen opened fire on a police check post near Qargha Lake in Kabul late Sunday night, a number of eyewitnesses and residents in the area said.

Kabul police headquarters has confirmed the killing of at least two officers in the incident.

The check post was stormed by armed men located between Qargha Lake and Company Bazaar in the western part of the capital Kabul where criminal cases have frequently sparked outrage among residents.

“They attacked the check post at night and killed three people, security threats have increased,” said Haroon, an eyewitness.

“We were stuck inside the shop, the security situation was critical as it was dark,” said a resident of Qargha Romal.

“We confirm the incident, we lost three officers in the incident,” said Mohammad Salim Ehsas, commander of Kabul police headquarter.

Kabul as the capital of Afghanistan has been grappling with a wave of attacks over recent years.

Residents in the city have always accused security officials of failing to fix the security situations.

“We want security from the government, there are few businesses and jobs due to insecurity,” said Kabul resident Abdul Hadi.

“Government should step up efforts to ensure security in the city, because people and their families come here on picnic,” said another resident Amir.


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