Gunmen seized 5 WFP wheat trucks in Ghor

Monitoring Desk

HERAT: Unidentified gunmen seized five trucks transporting World Food Program (WFP) wheat in western Ghor province, police said Monday.

The trucks were transporting WFP’s wheat from Herat to Ferozkoh, capital of Ghor province, when seized by the gunmen in the limits of Sharak district Monday morning, said Iqbal Nizami, spokesman of Ghor province.

He said the gunmen shifted the trucks to an unknown location, adding the fate of the trucks’ drivers was unclear.

An official of WFP, meanwhile, told Afghan media on condition of anonymity that the wheat was owned by MMRD.

Sources said the gunmen also seized another wheat truck in the Pashtunkot district of Herat province.

Though officials hold Taliban responsible for hijacking the wheat loaded trucks, there was no claim of responsibility by Taliban.