Gustoi Janikhail faces myriads of problems

Rafiullah Mandokhail

ZHOB: Mouza Janikhail of the Gustoi union council – 130 from Zhob city, is an area with a population of around 10,000, which includes Sinzali Janikhail, Bagh-e-Awal, Bagh-e-Dowam, Baad-di-Darman, Ozhd Ghwazhai, Ozhd Kolak, Sharan Saqikhail and Sarukai villages but the entire region lacks education and health facilities, roads, clean drinking water and other basic life amenities.

“Our children are grazing sheep and goats instead of going to school. Women lose their lives during childbirth,” said Malik-e-Aala Abdul Rehman Mandokhail, adding “the condition of roads and transport in the area is very bad but unfortunately, our problems have been lying unnoticed,” the notable lamented.

He said that hundreds of children in the area have no access to education despite having an intense desire to be literate. “Hundreds of boys and girls have no hope of getting education. Negligence has put the future of hundreds of children at stake.” He criticized. The notable further said that, thousands of residents of Janikhail also experiencing a severe shortage of clean drinking water, they have no option but to drink rain’s accumulated water and use it for domestic use.

Highlighting the health issue in the mountainous area, he said, the area also lacks health facilities as the health staff merely drawing their salaries. The health center in the area presents a picture of negligence. The people have to travel over hundred kilometers for treatment as there is no health facility in the area. In case of emergency the area people have to take their patients to the city hospitals.

Majority of the serious patients expire before reaching the distant DHQ civil hospital and getting treatment due to their critical condition, particularly pregnant women but the government has turned deaf ear to find any solution to their grievances. He appealed to the provincial government to launch development projects immediately for the well-being of the people of Mouza Janikhail.