HABIBMETRO SIRAT increases its branch network

F.P. Report

KARACHI: HABIBMETRO SIRAT inaugurated its 100th Islamic Banking branch, in the presence of Group CEO & Chairman HAIBBMETRO – Mohamedali R. Habib, President & CEO HABIBMETRO – Mohsin Ali Nathani, Director Ms. Tahira Raza, Shariah Board members, senior executives and valued clients.

HABIBMETRO has increased its dedicated Islamic Banking branches network to 116 branches and 217 windows in Pakistan. HABIBMETRO’s parent bank, Habib Bank AG Zurich, offers SIRAT Islamic Banking through 8 Islamic Banking Windows in UAE, 8 Islamic Banking Windows in UK, 8 branches/windows in South Africa and one window in Switzerland. SIRAT is the only Pakistani home-grown financial brand to be exported to 4 international locations outside Pakistan.

SIRAT has been appreciated and recognized for its stellar growth and performance on several prestigious global forums. The brand has won seven awards at national and international levels including ‘Best Islamic Banking Brand of the Year 2020’, ‘Best Islamic Banking Window for Global Expansion 2021’ by Global Islamic Finance Awards and ‘IRBA Excellence Award for Islamic Banking Strategy for Global Growth 2022’ at Islamic Retail Banking Awards.

Speaking on the occasion, Mohamedali R. Habib, Chairman HABIBMETRO Bank commented: ‘We are pleased to provide a differentiated and advanced Islamic banking offering through a comprehensive spectrum of products and services designed for the evolving financial needs of our customers. Our increased network of dedicated Islamic banking branches and windows, supplements our digital banking services, as we serve our customers across Pakistan.’

Mohsin Ali Nathani, President & CEO HABIBMETRO Bank remarked, ‘HABIBMETRO aspires to grow its Islamic Banking branch footprint and business scale. Going forward, SIRAT Islamic Banking will be one of the most strategic growth segments of the Bank. We are grateful for the dedicated efforts of our team and the patronage of our clients that continue to drive the Bank’s growth and progress.’

HABIBMETRO Bank is a subsidiary of Habib Bank AG Zurich, which operates in 10 countries across 4 continents. HABIBMETRO Bank has a network of 521 branches in 207 cities across Pakistan.