Haitian crisis and tact of influential

According to the western media, Haiti has decided to request military assistance from the international community amid a growing humanitarian crisis and crippling shortages after armed gangs blocked the country’s leading fuel port. According to the details, the ruling government has authorized Prime Minister Airel Henry to ask the international community for a specialized armed force to address the current crisis. The Haitian economy has been choked since a coalition of gangs blocked the Varreux fuel terminal last month. The lack of gas and diesel has crippled transportation and forced businesses and hospitals to halt operations. Currently, Haiti faces a scarcity of water and a new outbreak of cholera has created tremendous challenges for the already fragile economy and violence-hit nation.

Haiti, a North African tiny Caribbean nation with an 11 million population facing ongoing political unrest and heightening gang violence in the country after the elected President Jovonel Moise was assassinated in his official Residence in July last year. The current fiasco erupted when the de facto Prime Minister announced a cut in subsidies provided by the government on energy products which enraged the Haitians and a coalition of armed gangs took control of an important fuel terminal in the capital Port-au-Prince. Although, Haitian Police made recurrent attempts over the past month to push back armed gangs and regain control of vital installations to restore lifeline for the Haitians but failed. Currently, Haitian Prime Minister, Airel Henry has requested the international community, particularly the United States to deploy Specialized Military Troops to repel armed gangs and restore peace in the violence-hit nation.

According to reports, the 19-member Organization of American States (OAS) has expressed its willingness to assist its member nation at this time of need while the Biden administration is considering playing a facilitating role in the restoration of peace and provision of essential commodities to Haitians. The US government is likely to depute its troops in Port-au-Prince in the next few days. In fact, the international community and friendly nations can assist a crisis-hit nation in passage through a crucial phase but the nation itself has to make its way for the permanent fixation of the problems. Presently, violence is at its peak and national institutions are utterly dysfunctional because of the existing political gaps and communal disarray. The country could not manage parliamentary elections since 2019 due to political deadlock and unrest while the incumbent government aimed to introduce electoral reforms and hold elections by the end of the current year. Presently, the far-right opposition leaders are demanding early elections, while others were of the view that credible elections can not be held in the absence of peace and non-participation of voters.

The United Nations and the international community intend to end violence and restore peace, along with initiating a peaceful transition process for the complete restoration of democracy in the crisis-hit Caribbean nation. All local leaders including Prime Minister Airel Henry, the Montana Accord Suremo Fritz Jean, and others are using their tact and resources to reach the top slot. Presently, the regional nations and global players are supporting their favorite candidates and political groups, while, the poor’s backyard has become a playing field for the neighbors. In fact, the leaders are the real assassins of Haitians otherwise the country has no scarcity of resources and talent to prosper.