Hanafi: Islamic Emirate established policy of neutrality’

KABUL (TOLONews): Second Deputy Prime Minister Abdul Salam Hanafi said that the Islamic Emirate has established a policy of neutrality in Afghanistan.
Speaking at a gathering held by the Shia Ulema in the Dasht-e-Barchi area of Kabul, Hanafi asked the world to interact positively in relations with the current Afghan government.
“Friendship should be mutual. We interact with them and expect the same interaction and relations with all neighbors and countries in the region and beyond the region,” he said.
The official said that none of the attacks on educational institutions, madrasas, and public areas during the last 20 years were carried out by the Islamic Emirate.
Hanafi called for the maintaining of national unity among different ethnic groups of the country.
“In Ashura ceremonies, our educational centers, our mosques, our Takia-Khana (places of mourning), and other places of worship for Afghans, none of them were secured. Thousands of innocent people in Afghanistan were being martyred every day. And they were saying that the Taliban did this.
This is not in the culture of the Taliban,” The 2nd Deputy Prime Minister said.
“If there are differences and problems among Afghans, the ground will be open to occupation,” said Najib Mujahid, Deputy Director General of Intelligence.
The governor of Kabul, Qasim Khalid, said in the gathering that there had been no kidnapping incidents in Kabul in the past five months
“Abduction has been reduced to zero in the past five months, we do not have any abduction cases at all,” Khalid added.
Meanwhile, a number of Shiite clerics welcomed that security had been provided over the last two years and demanded that the Jafari sect be recognized in the nation.
“Since both Shia sides adhere to the Jafari sect, there is no reason that another than sect should be applied to resolve the issues,” said Abdul Qadir Alami, a Shiite cleric.
The Islamic Emirate’s officials reiterated that they will not permit any group to sow discord in the nation, saying that there is no difference between the nation’s residents who are Sunni and Shia.