Hariri returns to Lebanon for first time since quitting as PM

Monitoring Desk

BEIRUT: Saad al-Hariri returned to Beirut for the first time after he resigned from the premiership in a televised statement from Saudi Arabia which created political unrest in Lebanon.

Earlier on November 4, Hariri suddenly announced his resignation from the premiership of Lebanon and created political unrest in the country and makes the Lebanon at the forefront of regional tussle between the Sunni monarchy of Saudi Arabia and Iran. Hezbollah is part of the Beirut government and a strong ally of Iran.

Hariri, in his speech from Saudi Arabia blamed Iran and Hezbollah for creating problems and interfering in other countries of the Middle East. The announcement was rejected by the Lebanese officials, politicians and even close to Hariri and claimed that Saudi Arabia forced him to resign and held him in Riyadh.

Both Hariri and Riyadh have denied the allegations.

However, the Lebanese President Michel Aoun, refused to accept the Hariri resignation and dispatched envoys to urge foreign states to secure Hariri’s return from Saudi Arabia.