Harry Styles reveals fans connecting to his music is the ‘biggest compliment’ he can get

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HOLLYWOOD: Harry Styles got candid about the biggest compliment that he ever received from his fans.

The former One Direction star performed at The Bowery Ballroom in New York City on Saturday night, as part of iHeartRadio’s Secret Session with Harry Styles.

Before enthralling the audience, the singer sat down for an intimate QnA session for his fans.

Talking about his music, the Falling crooner said, “I think the music obviously means so much to me. It’s kind of why I tend not to explain songs too much because I think it’s important for it to, I guess to allow it to mean whatever it means to different people,” Styles shared.

“And I know there’s songs that I’ve loved in my life where I find out it’s about something else and I’m almost like, ‘Oh, I wish I didn’t know that, because it used to mean so much to me.'”

Harry went on to add, “And it’s amazing if people can relate to your music. I’m just a fan of music. I don’t think I operate on any kind of higher level of listening than anybody else. I just love music and I make what excites me and I think if somebody else can relate to it and take something from it, then that’s kind of the biggest compliment they can give me.”

Harry dropped his single Falling from his album Fine Line on Friday.