Havana syndrome and US’s dilemma

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According to Western media, at least three American officials serving at the US consulate in Geneva were suspected to have been afflicted by the Havana syndrome last summer, which the Biden administration did not publicised to avoid panic. The symptoms of the mysterious ailment includes migraines, nausea, memory lapses, dizziness or severe headache and inability in movements etc.According to reports, the US government is currently investigating the mysterious illness which has afflicted more than 200 Americans officials since 2016.

The Havana Syndrome was first reported among US officials serving in US Diplomatic mission in Havana, Cuba and dozens of US diplomats particularly CIA Officers, Military personnel and their families had been exposed to this ailment so far. In the beginning, the United States government didn’t Publicise the issue due to diplomatic sensitivities, however later it shared the cases with Cuban authorities and both governments made thorough investigations to unveil the cause of this suspicious disease but couldn’t find any reasonable source which might have developed this health problem in the American officials. Several US agencies including CIA, FBI, Department of States, health scientists and doctors associations had been investigating the issue but couldn’t find the real cause of the illness, however medical investigations revealed that some parts of the brain of the victims of Havana Syndrome had been damaged due attack of the disease.

The mystery which started from Havana has spread in other parts of the world and US diplomats faced the attacks of this Americans specific ailment in China, Australia, Austria, Germany, France, Vietnam, UK and many other countries during the past years. Recently, two cases of deadly Havana syndrome had been reported in mainland America, one in the Virginia suburb of Washington DC, while other in the Ellipse lawn of the White House. The United States Department of Defense and Intelligence agencies had investigated both cases but couldn’t reach any result.

According to a study of US National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine, directed microwave sound can cause such a type of illness and mental disorder, while America’s staunch rival Russia has much expertise in sonic weapon technology. Presently only American officials across the world along with few Canadian diplomats had struck the Havana Syndrome while no other case had been reported around the world, which clearly illustrates that it is not a natural disease but a planned strategy against the American Diplomats, Intelligence Officers and military personnel which is being implemented in a systematic manner and the cases which were initially started in Havana had gradually spread all over the world.

Historically, American diplomacy has always played a very important and critical role in achievement of US global objectives so the idea of creating embarrassment among the enemy’s front line workers to disrupt their operation and undermine their efficiency could be a well thought out operation of America’s enemies which had been successful in their mission so far. Recently, President Biden has signed the Havana act, to help support medical treatment of affected Diplomats, yet America has not sorted any other means to counter this phenomenon except resultless investigations. In fact, Havana Syndrome is not a disease but planned psychological and sonic attacks against US Diplomatic work Force and Intelligence Officials working in sensitive positions abroad, therefore Americans should not ask its counter recipe from Physicians, it is a test case for CIA and FBI to uncover the culprits behind the mystery of Havana Syndrome.

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