Head of Iran’s AEOI has no plans to negotiate a nuclear deal in Vienna

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TEHERAN (TASS): The head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AE-OI), Mohammad Eslami, said that during his upcoming visit to Vienna to attend the General Conference, the IAEA will not negotiate the revival of the nuclear deal. ISNA news agency reported on Saturday .

“This trip will take place in order to take part in the IAEA General Conference. Within the framework of this visit, there will be no negotiations on a nuclear deal, since such negotiations are not part of my responsibilities,” he said.

On Monday, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Said Khatibzade said that Eslami will travel to Vienna to attend the 65th IAEA General Conference, which will be held September 20-24. According to Mikhail Ulyanov, Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to international organizations in Vienna, the agreements of IAEA Director General Rafael Grossi on a meeting with the head of the AEOI in Vienna indicate Tehran’s readiness to closely cooperate on verification activities at its nuclear facilities.

Since April, negotiations have been underway in Vienna between Iran and the international “five” (Russia, Great Britain, Ger-many, China and France) to restore the Iranian nuclear agreement in its original form. The parties are discussing the lifting of American sanctions on the Islamic Republic, the fulfillment of its obligations in the nuclear sphere, as well as the return of the United States to the JCPOA. Repr-esentatives of the states parties to the agreement are also holding separate consultations with American emissaries, without the participation of Iran. Initially, the delegations expected to complete the work at the end of May, then – at the beginning of June.

The performance of the aerobatic team “Russian Knights” took place in the two largest cities of Ugra: Aviation aerobatic team “Russian Knights” on Saturday performed in the largest cities of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug – Surgut and Nizhnevartovsk. This was reported in the aerobatic team’s Instagram account .

Due to the weather conditions – wind and low clouds – only four aircraft flew in Nizhnevartovsk, and one in Surgut, piloted by the group commander Andrei Alekseev.

“We are working as a group consisting of a diamond (four aircraft) in Nizhnevartovsk. <…> The show in Surgut has been successfully completed. Unfortunately, such weather conditions categorically do not allow us to perform as a group. And for us, first of all, safety. We tried very hard and pulled everything out of the presented opportunity “, – the message says.

The program of the performance took about 30 minutes. Earlier there were excursions of schoolchildren to the airfield where the aircraft of the “Russian Knights” were based and their meeting with the aerobatic team. According to the data of the regional authorities, public figures approached the leadership of the region with the initiative to launch the aerobatic team, and the authorities of Ugra supported this idea.

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