Heathrow to be the World's Biggest Airport

Heathrow to be the world’s biggest Airport

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LONDON: A controversial decision by British lawmakers will make Heathrow Airport the world’s biggest airport in terms of traffic, CNN reported. At the moment, the world’s largest airport is Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, with a capacity of 104 million.

The new proposal would increase passenger capacity from 80 million to 110 million by 2030 with the addition of a third runway. But not everyone is excited about the new plans.

The construction of the new runway, according to the proposal, would extend directly over an extremely busy freeway, the M25 motorway. Many opponents of the plan say the runway and increased air traffic could become an environmental hazard. On top of this, about 750 homes in the area would be demolished, according to CNN.

House of Commons votes 415 to 119 to approve the National Policy Statement on new runway capacity infrastructure at airports in the South East of England.

MPs have approved plans to build a third runway at Heathrow. #HeathrowExpansion

The new construction is expected to cost about £14.3 billion ($20 billion USD). However, without the expansion, Heathrow will reach capacity by 2034. So, the new plans will definitely make it easier for travelers to visit London in the future.

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