Heavy clashes ongoing in Khwaja Ghar district

Heavy clashes ongoing in Khwaja Ghar district

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KHWAJA GHAR: Local officials said heavy clashes are ongoing in two districts of the northern province of Takhar since Sunday evening.

KhwajaGhar and Yangi Qala districts are located in the northwest of the province which share border with volatile district of Chah-e-Ab.

At least 30 Taliban fighters were killed in the clashes, Takhar governor’s spokesman M. JawadHejri said.

“MawlawiOsmani, a Taliban key commander is also among those killed in the clashes,” Mr. Hejri said.

The Taliban claimed that they have captured the center of KhwajaGhar district but Mr. Hejri rejected this claim.

The Afghan security forces have not suffered of casualties in the clashes, according to the provincial governor’s spokesman.

Sources said that Taliban has also increased their attacks on Dasht-e-Archi district of the northeastern province of Kunduz which shares border with KhwajaGhar district in Takhar. This comes as heavy clashes are ongoing in parts of Kunduz and the center of Baghlan province in the north and northeastern regions of Afghanistan over the past week.

Meanwhile, an explosion in Kabul city has wounded at least three civilians.

The officials further added that the explosion took place at around 11:00 am local time in the vicinity of the 5th district of the city.

Furthermore, the officials said the militants had planted the bomb on the roadside which went off as the civilians were crossing the area.(TOLOnews)

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