Heavy snowfall Administration issues travel advisory

Heavy snowfall: Administration issues travel advisory

F.P. Report

MANSEHRA: After heavy rain and snowfall in Kaghan and Naran Valley District administration Mansehra Thursday issued a travel advisory for the tourists and local commuters to opt precautionary measures while traveling on KaghanNaran road.

According to the details, Naran road has been partially blocked on many places owing to heavy snowfall during last 15 days which also affected the traffic flow while continuous rain also triggered land sliding in the areas of both valleys.

District administration in his travel advisory directed the tourists not to park their vehicles on the road side and avoid making selfies which can stop traffic, travel with full fuel tank, avoid wrong parking.

The tourists are also advised to use chains on the tyres while driving in the snow and must keep a good stock of water, biscuits and dry fruits. Drive carefully with slow speed, keep a safe distance from other vehicles, avoid repeated use of breaks and contact with local administration in case of an emergency. From last two days heavy snowfall continue without any break in Kaghan, Naran, Shugran, BattaKundi, Jalkhad and other areas of upper Manshera district.

Temperatures have dropped up to zero in the plain areas where the metrology department has forecasted more rain and snowfall in the coming days.

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