Hekmatyar warns Ghani over election crisis

Hekmatyar warns Ghani over election crisis

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KABUL: Hekmatyar, presidential candidate, warned President Ghani in a letter about a possible election crisis, and he urged the president to pay attention to candidates’ demands.

In the letter, Gulbuddin Hekmatyar expressed his concerns about the organized fraud on election day, vote counting, and the audit process by the Dermalog company.

Hekmatyar wrote that if the government will not investigate their demands, a crisis will ignite.

Said Humayun Jarir, a spokesman of Hekmatyar’s election campaign team, said that Hekmatyar “ has written very clearly to the president so that if a crisis comes, he will be the first responsible person to blame for the crisis.”

Hekmatyar urged the president to work with candidates to find way for the current situation to avoid crisis.

Meanwhile, lawmakers also blame president Ghani for fraud in election and have the following suggestions:

Gulaam Farooq Majrouh, an MP said, “the logic of other teams is correct, and based on laws and principles, to say that clean and foul vote should be separated, is it illogical?”

“The President should not be the cause of crisis and should not reignite insecurity… and take it seriously.” Said Ali Akbar Qasimi, a member of parliament.

Meanwhile, Dawa Khan Menapal, deputy spokesman for the presidential palace, confirmed they have received the letter four days ago and found nothing new in the letter.”

At the end of the letter, Hekmatyar warned that without advising the political parties, the current opportunity for achieving peace will be destroyed. (TOLOnews)

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