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Helmand Clinic Treats Addicts With Water Therapy

HELMAND (Tolo News): A clinic, established two and half years ago in southern Helmand province, uses water therapy and counseling to treat drug addicts rather than medication.

Clinic staff said water therapy was more effective than prescribing medicine.

The clinic is now however run by a recovering addict who was once a patient at the clinic.

“I myself was an addict; I smoked opium for four years. After four years I was treated here,” said Assadullah, head of the clinic.

Most of the employees at the clinic are former addicts. 

Waris is an employee of the clinic and was also once an addict. Now he helps others to give up drugs and return to a normal life.

“At first I used hashish and then I become addicted to heroin. Later on I came to this clinic for treatment,” said Waris.

The addicts who come to the clinic for treatment stay for about 40 days. 

According to clinic staff, addicts are restrained for the first few days while going through withdrawal symptoms. 

“Lots of addicts came here for treatment and it is good news,” said Assadullah. 

Bazgul, an addict, who used opium and heroin for 30 years, was recently treated at the clinic. He was a soldier during Mohammad Najibbullah’s government, the former president of Afghanistan. He is the father of nine children. 

“Due to the mess in Afghanistan, I went to Iran and there I became addicted to drugs,” said Bazgul.

The clinic treats around 50 addicts in every treatment phase which takes from 30 to 40 days.

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