Helmand residents in Washeer district leaving homes over lack of water

HELMAND (TOLOnews): Residents of Washeer district of Helmand province left their houses due to a shortage of water in the district. Nearly 300 families have been displaced from just one village, named Grazan.
The residents who remained in Grozan said they have to go for hours to get access to drinking water.
“We have assigned two members of our family to bring drinking water via motorcycle or donkey,” said Mohammad Anwar, a resident of Washeer.
“The elders of the family are working and we assigned the children to bring water home,” said Rahmatullah, a resident of Folad village of Washeer.
“Lack of water causes challenges. All residents of Washeer are forced to leave their houses,” said Abdullah, a resident of Washeer.
The local officials confirmed the challenges of the water shortage in the district, saying that the issue will be addressed. Many water projects will be launched in the district in the near future.
“Delegations have come here and they are planning to construct a dam in the Gul Baid area and we will help them as well,” said Abdul Hakim Sijad, provincial deputy governor.
“All villages of Helmand need water management projects because water levels have dropped and we want the organizations to help us in this regard,” said Mahmood Sani, head of provincial department of rural development.
Earlier, the residents of Musa Qala district in southeastern Helmand province said they are facing a dire situation as the only river in the district recently dried up.