Herat residents alarmed by Coronavirus outbreak

Herat residents alarmed by Coronavirus outbreak

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HERAT: Residents of the western province of Herat say they are increasingly worried by the outbreak of the coronavirus, which is affecting businesses in the province along with threatening the health of individuals.

Three positive cases of the virus have been reported by officials in Herat, and one out of the three infected persons escaped from Herat’s provincial hospital.

Officials of Herat’s public health directorate said that efforts are underway to arrest the person soon.

Mohammad AsifKabir, deputy head of Herat’s public health directorate, said that the return of hundreds of Afghans from neighboring Iran has also increased their concerns.

“The open border caused the transfer of the virus to Afghanistan. Many people live in Iran, and when the cases were less in Iran, we also (in Afghanistan) registered less suspected cases, and vice versa,” said Kabir.

People suspected of being infected by the virus were admitted to Herat’s provincial hospital.

Meanwhile, Abdul QayumRahimi, governor of Herat province, said that they have taken serious measures to fight the virus.

“Educational centers have not opened for school yet, and will not start. Wedding halls, bathhouses, saunas–and we even told religious scholars to shut down mosques also,” said Rahimi.

The outbreak of the virus also affected the local bazaars. “When the virus came to Herat, and rumors increased, our selling decreased by 50 percent, because people were avoiding going out,” said Wahid Ahmad Rasouli, a shopkeeper in Herat.

“90 percent of people are concerned about the virus. We are very concerned,” said Shah Wali, a resident of Herat.

Moreover, the people implement special measures–like wearing masks and gloves– to avoid the virus while moving around the city.(TOLOnews)

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