HIA says US, NATO mission unsuccessful

HIA says US, NATO mission unsuccessful

KABUL (Pajhwok): Hezb-i-Islami Afghanistan leader Gulbadin Hekmatyar called as ‘unsuccessful’ the US and NATO mission in Afghanistan, saying the alliance was doing what the Russians did.

A statement from the HIA media office in Kabul said Hekmatyar made the remarks while meeting leadership of the party’s provincial councils and members from eastern provinces.

Speaking on behalf of others, Abdul Khaliq Hussaini Peshai, who heads the council of eastern provinces, said the government should fully implement the peace agreement with the HIA.

He urged Hekmatyar to raise his voice and help stop the conflict in the country in order to rescue the nation.

Hekmatyar urged members of the provincial councils to support him in his efforts for peace and stability.

He said if the people of eastern provinces struck unity in their ranks, their participation in bringing peace would be effective.

“We need to find an intra-Afghan solution to the conflict and should not expect foreigners that they would bring peace.”

The HIA leader said the Afghans should work for peace and tribes should play their part in this regard.

He said the NATO mission in Afghanistan was a failure because the alliance was pursuing Russian strategies. He said the Russians had been unsuccessful in achieving what they desired and NATO was yet to reach a positive result.

Referring to recent political alliances and threats to some leaders, Hekmatyar said some circles still raised the slogan of war at a time when the nation was tired of the conflict.

He said the Afghans could not be ruled by force and those who desired to rule the Afghans at gunpoint were mistaken.

The HIA emir expressed his concern over alleged civilian deaths in NATO airstrikes in Haska Mena and Chah Ab districts of Nangarhar province, saying hundreds of innocent lives were daily lost to the conflict.

Hekmatyar said there were elements inside the government and the Taliban who wanted continuation of the war, calling for such elements to be thrown out.

“We have tried to convince the Taliban to choose the path of peace because the war in Afghanistan only benefits the enemy.”

He said there were Taliban militants who had been compelled into fighting and if the government ensured their security, many were ready to reconcile.

He asked the government to pave the ground for intra-Afghan dialogue with the Taliban and asked the rebels to think over the war which had no justification.

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