Hilary Duff rebukes ‘millennials’ partying while coronavirus escalates

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LOS ANGELES: Hilary Duff has become the latest celebrity to preach social distancing and call out people still downplaying the novel coronavirus even as it swiftly sweeps the world.

Turning to her Instagram, the former Disney star gave an update on her self-isolation situation and also told off people dismissing the global pandemic as ‘nothing serious.’

Guys, what shows to start to watch right now? We finished Love Is Blind – it was amazing. But what are we going to do? I’m not excited by anything right now. Do we dare watch Game of Thrones again… maybe? Will we be stuck at home that long? Maybe,” she said in her video before rebuking millennials.

“To you all you young, millennial [expletive] that keep going out and partying, go home Stop killing old people please,” she added.

The comment was in reference to health officials around the globe advising people over the age of 70 to self-isolate for as long as four months till the virus dies down.