Hindu extremist force elderly Muslim man to eat pork

Monitoring Desk

ASSAM: An elderly man was beaten up and forced to eat pork for selling meat without license in India’s district Bishwanath Assam.

According to a viral video on the social media, it can be clearly seen how a violent Hindu mob is beating and abusing him for selling meat. Reportedly, a Muslim man was abused and heckled for allegedly selling beef in Assam’s Biswanath district.

The police identified the victim as 68-year-old Shaukat Ali who was forced to eat pork as ‘punishment’ for allegedly selling beef.

The incident came to light after two videos shared on Twitter showed the man sitting in knee-deep mud, begging for mercy, while the men around him spoke to him in threatening tones.

“Are you Bangladeshi? Is your name in the NRC (National Register of Citizens)?” a man can be heard shouting at Ali.

Police detained one person after a video of the man on his knees in deep slush, begging to let him go, was widely shared on social media.

Attention @sarbanandsonwal This old man was beaten up in Bishwanath Charialifor selling beef. Beef is not banned in Assam and the northeast. Many communities apart from Muslims consume beef. But interestingly self appointed gaurakshaks find only poor Muslim traders to harass. pic.twitter.com/I7lg1YMKu0

Ali was injured in the mob violence and is being treated at a local hospital.

Earlier, Hindu extremist violently beat two Kashmiri vendors in Indian city Lucknow.

According to the reports, the Kashmiri men, who were selling dry fruits on a roadside were abused, slapped and assaulted by the by members of a right-wing outfit. The Kashmiri vendors were beaten up with sticks.

It was reported that the two attackers were related to the Hindu-extremist organizations as JP and Vishva Hindu. When the two attackers were asked why they were beating up the two Kashmiri men, they replied that they were ‘Kashmiris’. The Kashmiri men were also asked to produce Aadhar cards, but that did not stop the assault.

A video of the incident has been surfaced and became viral on social media. In the video, the Kashmiri men can be seen covering their heads and pleading to the attackers to stop beating them.

The video also shows locals intervening and asking the men to stop the assault on the men. “Don’t take law into your own hands. Call the police,” one the locals can be seen saying.

The men were eventually rescued by locals who also called the police. The Lucknow police has arrested one of the attackers, while the other attacker is on the run.