Hindu Temple and ETPB

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The Supreme Court stopped the demolition of Hindu temple Dharamshala in Karachi and directed the Sindh Secretary Archaeology and Commissioner Karachi to submit a report over the matter. A three-member Supreme Court bench headed by Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed heard the case and sought a report on the funds of the one-member minority commission.
According to reports, there were dozens of small Hindu temples in Karachi and most of those had vanished with the passage of time mostly on the hands of land and builder mafias. It was said that there were four Mandir in Moosa lane namely Jagdesh Mandir, Hanuman Mandir, Sher Ganesh Mandir and Shev-Jo Mandir as well as a Hindu rest house namely Dharamshala. As said, all four temples had been encroached by the Mafia and presently there are residential or commercial buildings there. Whereas the case of Dharamshala is being heard by the Supreme Court nowadays. Ironically, Chairman Evacuee Trust Property Board (ETPB) termed it as a hotel running since 1947, whereas it was a rest house for staying and lodging of Hindu Yatrees during the past. Chairman Pakistan Hindu Council Dr. Ramesh Kumar informed the court that the building of the temple is being demolished to build a new temple over there. The Chief Justice expressed displeasure over the statement of the Chairman ETPB and observed that a person is supposed to speak the truth before the court.
In fact, ETPB has become a highly profitable position for money makers. This national institution, which must be the savior of the Country’s historic and ancient religious sites, had turned into a market of these precious pieces worth billions of rupees. The staff and officers of ETPB are in the business of selling out these precious and historic items in the hands of smugglers and land mafia. Earlier, the Supreme Court has heard another case of the disappearance of idols from Katas Raj temple in Chakwal during 2017. Where former Chairman ETPB Asif Hashmi made millions by selling out the idols of the temple. Interestingly, there is no representation of minorities in ETPB which is the reason for the malpractice of government officials. It is suggestable that ETPB must be reorganized and comprise of public and minority representatives. The Chairman ETPB must work under public representatives so this bull can be nailed properly.

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