Hira Mani reaches 5 million followers on Instagram

Hira Mani’s followers reach 5 million on Instagram

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KARACHI: Top Pakistani television actress Hira Mani, who is a keen social media user, has crossed five million followers on Instagram. Hira Mani’s stardom skyrocketed within a very short span of time with her impeccable acting skills and cheerful persona.

The 32-year-old star has worked in dramas like blockbuster Meray Paas Tum Ho, Kashf and Ghalati.

Extending her gratitude to the fans after achieving the feat, Hira Mani thanked her fan club for their unconditional support.

“Thank you for liking me and liking my Instagram and liking my song and liking my face and liking my kids and liking my originality thank u thank u thank u thank u.” “5M ❤️ babe kay number main shuru main 4 hai”, she concluded.

Recently, Mani enthralled her admirers with her melodious voice as she sang Sanwari on Kashmir Beats. Social media users loved the song as comments of admiration poured for her singing prowess.

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