Hiring procedure in CDA levels serious allegation

Hiring procedure in CDA levels serious allegation

Abdullah Momand

ISLAMABAD: On special directions of the Prime Minister Imran Khan, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) started hiring of new professionals in civic agency but the hiring cycle leveled serious allegations on the transparency of the process and official told blue-eyed individuals are in final stages to be adjusted in the civic agency The Frontier Post investigations found various flaws in hiring process.

According to details for the first time in National history the current government takes some concrete measures for making a new master plan for the federal capital and a commission based on experts was formed to prepare a comprehensive master plan for Islamabad including hiring of some new professionals in the civic agency.

In Feb, 2020 the civic agency advertised around 17 new post in the civic agency including 14 gazetted posts in the civic agency but according to the credible sources Public Procurement Regulation (PPRA) were violated in the first process and the posts were advertised in a city level newspaper as PPRA regulation mentioned that the advertisement for government official hiring will be announced in two leading newspaper of the country.

But the civic agency spokesperson denied these allegations and added that the posts were announced in three other newspapers of the country.

In second phase the testing responsibility was handed over to an unpopular testing agency which has no credibility in market according to the education correspondence of different newspaper and the testing agency was registered as college back in 2005. But Chairman CDA Aamir Ali ahmad told The Frontier Post that hiring a testing agency for examination are the domain of the Ministry of Interior not CDA.

A participant who appeared in the examination and got highest marks told The Frontier Post that testing criteria was not credible and transparent and various flaws surfaced on testing date. He added that the test which was conducted in the Shahbaz Sharif degree college Rawalpindi and on examination day the questioners of Town planner faced shortage and the administration of the testing agency handed over the questionnaires of Assistant town planners to the participants appearing for Town planner position and was conveyed by the administration that these questionnaires will be considered for the post of Town planners. He added that the participants refused but when time was going out from their hands they obtained questionnaires prepared for the position of assistant town planners but interestingly all five candidates failed in the examinations because they filled wrong questionnaires.

Another participant told The Frontier Post that results was announced on 20th March but around 06 participants results were delayed in a mysterious move and their results were announced a week later and they got 20% more marks from the participants whom result was announced earlier. An education expert told that for the first time this happened that the test was conducted on a same day but results were announced 06 days later which clearly mentioned that the civic agency is adjusting the blue-eyed on top positions because later may be they approached to the testing agency to increase their marks.

The Frontier Post forwarded a detailed questionnaire to the testing agency NCBMS on email and made various calls regarding the allegations but he didn’t respond in 72 hours nor respond to the calls made by this scribe.

CDA spokesperson, Chairman and HRD department didn’t respond effectively on the mysterious process of hiring.

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