History remembers people of acts and deeds

Muhammad Shoaib Khpalwak

People are remembered in history for their acts and deeds while such man of strong character has turned eyes from this mortal world. The Pakhtun diaspora shouldn’t forget him for his philanthropic works because Fazal Razaq had abetted thousands of people to obtain employment aboard and supported Pakistan in every odd situation especially Pakhtun community.

The late Fazal Raziq was known as ‘Jadoon Sahib’ among Pakistani community while Pakhtun called ‘Kaka’. He facilitated more than thirty thousand people to obtain employment in United Arab Emirates which is appraised by Pakistani community with open heartedly. The late Fazal Raziq Kaka started work as laborer while reached to its peak gradually by establishing several startups. He had provided employment opportunities to more than thirty thousand Pakistanis in five decades.

But Kaka should be remembered for his philanthropic works and his devotion for ‘Khudai Khadmtgar’ movement initiated by Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan alias ‘Bacha Khan’ in 1920s. He has facilitated everyone despite his/her creed or race on humanitarian basis.

The late Fazal Raziq Kaka has supported people of Pakistan in every odd situation despite he was living aboard it may was 2005 earth quick or devastating floods in 2010 or recent flash-flood victims. He was active in several philanthropic organizations at the same time with the faith to help humanity.

The late Kaka also supported artists, players and poets both morally and financially with the belief that they are the assets of nation. He didn’t compromise on his principles and Pakhtun’s right on both front at may be home or it aboard. Fazal Raziq Kaka utilized its resources and energy for departure of dead to homeland by national airline along with provision of one free ticket. He also worked along with other stakeholders to extend expiry time of passport to ten years.

He also made copies of Bacha Khan and Abdul Wali Khan speeches for distribution in Pakhtun Hujras in United Arab Emirate before revolution of information technologies to aware nationalist activists. He had contributed in establishment of Pakistan Social Center Dubai, Bacha Khan Markaz at Peshawar and Buner districts.

The late Kaka was tight-lipped but an institution on ‘Khudai Khidmatgar’ movement but sometimes he spoked Pakhtu proverbs in accordance to situation leading to attract participants quickly. Usually, it called him that you are looking like 18 years of age young man, he looking into mirror to see his face while fingering his hairs. I had requested late Kaka for daily meeting to writ his biography but unfortunately it didn’t meet its ends while be missed in both at home and aboard.