Hollywood insiders speculate Meghan Makle’s return to Hollywood post #Megxit

Hollywood insiders speculate Meghan Makle’s return to Hollywood post #Megxit

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LOS ANGELES: Hollywood insiders and experts have taken to observing the terms governing the Duke and Duchess’s decision to split from royal life. It seems as though there have been a number of reasons as to the decision, mainly stemming from rumors of closed deals. However, even if the royal does not turn towards acting, as her immediate option, there might be a number of potential plans in the pipe lines.

The Queen’s blessing gave rise to a large amount of media attention, even more so that the Meghan and Prince Harry fiasco initially caused, for the Monarchy. The plea for a more independent life was met with resounding support from the American side world, however the couple have not yet decided to finalise any details as to their new page in life.

The idea of the Duchess of Sussex going back to Hollywood entertainment and movies, is one which has stirred the pot to extreme curiosity for a large number of fans.

Hollywood experts have been scouring circles around Meghan Markle’s former agency, who remain tight lipped about any possible return. The, the president of original content at NBC Universal Entertainment Networks however, did provide a statement. He was quoted saying, “If Meghan called anybody right now, believe me, we’d all run to the phone.”

McGoldrick however has his own speculations regarding the former Suits star and her plans moving forward. He suspects the star might choose a more pro-social, info-tainemnt production path, one in line with Jeff Skoll’s participant media, in an attempt to “raise money and make movies that are about issues that are important to her.”

Most royal experts however remain on the fence in regards to her possible return towards acting, due to basic logistical reasoning.

The co-founder of royal-focused SVOD service True Royalty, Nick Bullen weighed in on the possibility, stating, “It’s off the books for the moment.”

Eric Schiffer, chairman of Reputation Management Consultants, any immediate attempt to reignite her career would prove devastating results from UK based critics, and they would see the “knives come out.”

Any of her possible roles could not only appear as “stunts” but also pose extreme security risks. Even Elizabeth Much, a publicist who serves as president and owner of E2W Collection agrees with previous notions, she chimed in with her own two cents only to further the assumption, she stated,” It would be more difficult in the acting arena since Meghan’s fame is so enormous, but having said that, there will always be places that will hire her. She’s a really good actress, too.”

Meanwhile, Prince Harry seems to be planning out his future already, the heir already signed off on a production for a mental health series with Oprah Winfrey for Apple TV+. This however would prove to produce a stream of revenue that would amount to measly peanuts when compared to possible earnings of a production where both Prince Harry and Meghan Markle would co-star.

Another veteran publicist, who wished to remain anonymous, stated that the couple appears to have been working with an outside PR firm for the launch of Travalyst, a sustainable travel initiative which is Prince Harry’s brainchild.

Further pockets of revenue could build up due to their $65 million pact with Penguin Random House for books and Spotify for podcasts.

The British media have remained pessimistic however, regarding any future prospects for the royal couple. Experts differ on this view point and believe they could rake in fame which is “probably unparalleled at the moment.”

Sources close to the Hollywood Reporter have also speculated that this movie towards financial independence could also provide the couple more freedom in regards to perusing their lawsuits against multiple British media outlets.

However, on the flip side, they could potentially find themselves in more restrictive waters in terms of litigation for Prince Harry if he chooses to seek out US or dual citizenship.

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