Holocaust and German Israel New Romance

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According to Israeli media, Israeli Air Force and German Luftwaffe aircraft performed a flyby over the Knesset (Israeli Parliament) in Jerusalem on Sunday afternoon to demonstrate the close cooperation between the two countries and their militaries. According to Israeli Defence Ministry, the flyby was an expression of the strong partnership between the two air forces and the countries, as well as the commitment to continued cooperation in the future. According to reports, Commander of the German Luftwaffe contingent Lt. General Ingo Gerhartz visited the Yad Vashem Holocaust museum in Jerusalem along with the head of the IAF, Maj. Gen. Amikam Norkin earlier in the day. According to Israeli media, last year Israeli jets flew over the Dachau concentration camp and the Fuerstenfeldbruck airfield, where 11 Israeli Olympic athletes were killed by Palestinian in 1972. However, this was the first time that German aircrafts have flown over Jerusalem since World War I. Presently, a multilateral aerial exercise of Israeli Air Force and six other countries including USA, UK, Italy, France, Greece, and India were scheduled to kick off through a joint flyby on Sunday.

Israel, a tiny Jewish State, which grew up like unwarrantedly over the Arab land about seven decades ago, has turned now into a strong nation with the limitless support of Western countries and influential international Jewish lobby. Israeli Air Force is a key component of Israeli defence structure and an effective weapon of its arsenal for implementation of its expansionist designs in the region. The Israeli Air Force usually remains engaged in its training activities, bilateral and multilateral drills with other countries in a bid to improve its capabilities. According to Israeli defence officials, professional interaction with foreign Air Forces provides Israeli pilots an opportunity to learn the latest aerial warfare maneuvers and operating techniques to effectively communicate with foreign pilots, aircraft, and radar crews.

In fact, the holocaust was an inhumane crime of the German dictator Adolf Hitler and his Generals, who had broken all records of cruelties and high-handedness against the Jews living in Germany and other European countries under the control of Nazi Germany during world war II. The whole episode of holocaust was telecasted in the European countries, however the price of this crime against the humanity had been paid by the Arab Muslim particularly by the people of Palestine. The west was much upset from the treatment Jews met by the Nazi Germany during world war II, and after conclusion of the war, western powers transported millions of Jews across the world at Palestinian land. The invading Jews grabbed the land of Palestinian people and drew them out of their homes. Due to this forced displacement, millions of Palestinian Muslims have been living in refugees camp in neighboring Arab countries over the last seven decades.

Although, Merkel and other successors of Hitler have tried their best to wash out the immorality of their seniors during the past. According to reports, Germany has paid a significant amount to holocaust survivors, state of Israel and world Jewish community as compensation of the holocaust. The western world has done a lot to satisfy the victims of holocaust, but it has turned a blind to the atrocities which the inheritors of holocaust survivors have been inflicting on innocent Palestinian people over the past decades.

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