Honesty is so rare and still undervalued commodity

Parvez Ali Soomro

Honesty is the integral and essential trait that every individual should passes. The possession of this trait is very important for a person’s whole life. This term can be defined as the courage to speak the truth and neglect infidelity and indirectly. Pay the way of this integrity is recognized distinctively. Presence of everyone will get more success a peak of serenity and be free from freedom and complexity.

It is the most unprecedented element which possess towards ahead, it is virtuous, fair, hygiene, straightforward, candid and astounding open and right. There is lack of honesty which cause to effect on every person’s entire life, it comes with complying your plunder and mistakes which the most people don’t do.

Hypocrisy has reached its high peak which effects on the behavior of people by individuals. Many prominent scientists added that honesty is the best policy, rare of honesty is in our society its main cause that people starts jealous and don’t depict any thieving.

Some depicts and aspects of honesty. The depicts of honesty is essential for in our lives. Honest implies being trustworthy to others and oneself. Before we are truthful to others, we ought to be honest with others. If we decline the truth ourselves, there is no path in which we can offer honest to the whole world. Dishonesty life and falsification of factual facts and states are only momentary to short.