Horse trading in senate election polluted political affairs: Sherpao

f.p. Report

Peshawar: Chairman Qaumi Watan Aftab Ahmad Khan Sherpao has out rightly rejected the delimitation of the constituencies, which created a lot of problems for the people and political parties, saying that it had also been made hurdles for general election.

He said this while addressing a press conference in Watan Kor Peshawar, wherein Nawabzada Wahab Khan from PPP along with scores of his supporters announced to join QWP. The new entrants reposed confidence over the dynamic leadership of Aftab Ahmad Khan Sherpao and Sikandar Hayat Khan Sherpao. He said that the QWP had long been struggled for the welfare of the people of the province that’s why it is getting popularity among the masses. Aftab Sherpao believed that the new entrants would be the great addition for the party to serve the masses.

Aftab Sherpao slammed the election commission that it had not been taken the political parties into confidence which would badly affect their election campaign and masses mobilization in the process. He said that the delimitation of the constituencies in short time would create complications that the political parties would have been faced hardship to manage for the general election. He said that in the senate election the horse trading had been polluted the political affairs and it had not been probed, so as to bring the responsible people to book. He said that maneuvering for chairman and deputy chairman in senate had become the tug of wars, saying that such issues should be politically settled, such a behavior  as adopted in the senate election would negatively affected the national election.

He said that with the focus on the none issues in the centre like panama papers had been put the important national and pakhtoons issue like Pak-Afghan ties, Fata-KP merge, NFC awards, CPEC put on the back burner and it had also been further aggravated the sense of deprivation among the smaller provinces.

He  regretted that the provincial government boasted over reforms in the in the institutions of province police, health and education for political scoring but unfortunately the situation is far worsened while the government was oblique to his stand, which appears that the rulers were living in the fool’s paradise. He said that instead of bringing any change while it had been engineered the province resources for its own political gains.

Mr. Sherpao criticized the PTI provincial led government for frequent changes in design of the ongoing Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project. He said that the slow pace of work due to ill planning would increased the miseries of masses. He said that governance system had been thrown into disarray during the present provincial led government and Imran Khan of PTI was embodied of contradiction that had befooled masses on the name of change.

He said that the gory affairs had exposed the credentials of the government and serious situation of misgovernance had been sacked by them. He said that the Billion trees project which is only present on papers but actually there is nothing on grounds. It is a serious case of irregularities and misappropriation and National Accountability Bureau should thoroughly probe the matter.

Aftab Sherpao said that QWP struggles for changes that will give renewed vitality to the democratic uplift. He said that his party was working for the protection of the rights of Pakhtoons and vowed that QWP would no more allow exploitation of them and it would strive hard for their rights on every platform.