Hot weather, bad schooling and kids

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A large number of parents have demanded of the concerned authorities to announce summer vacations for the students, especially early years whose health is at risk due to the sizzling heat outside and prolonged exposure to high temperatures within the classrooms, lacking facility of cooling and clean drinking water. During the past few days, due to unbearable heat and high temperature, several students have lost consciousness in different schools of Islamabad while many were unable to attend schools due to the unbearable heat. Many of the small kids feel the heat and vomit in their classrooms and parents are asked to rush to school and take their kids to a medical facility for first aid. According to reports, there is a higher risk for Children than adults for dehydration and heat illness. Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, loss of consciousness and headache is commonly being seen among the students these days.

As per information, most of the government schools have no suitable arrangements to cope up with the effects of severely chilling Summer. The government schools of junior level have scheduled annual exams for the classes I-IV, VI and VII. It seems to be highly unimaginable how the small kids will manage to attempt and solve their papers when they sweat from head to toe in this burning weather. According to reports, there is still confusion among School administrations and Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) and Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BISEs) regarding exams of class I to IV and Class VI to VII. Government announced the promotion of these classes without exams whereas some Principals had issued the date sheet to conduct annual exams.

In broader terms, development of education is neither a priority of the government nor the private education sectors. Education stands in the last rank in the government’s priority list therefore allocation of educational budget always remains minimal. Most of the Schools are not in possession of essential teaching and administrative facilities including clean drinking water, cool and fresh air, clean and healthy environment. Private Schools top priority is only money making, through tall claims, substandard education, ill-trained Staff and insufficient space. About more than 95 percent private schools have no playground for Students outdoor activities which is a clear violation of the law. The Students had complained that most of the facilities such as Computer lab, recreation rooms, library and even provision of soaps or sanitizers in washrooms are usually showcased on inspection day for a few hours otherwise all such amenities remained locked for students throughout the year.

Without any difference between government and Private Schools all the available facilities such as AC, heater, laptop, LCD, projectors etc. all are reserved for higher echelons only such as Principal and Headmaster etc.  The officers sitting in big chairs do not have any realization of the problems being faced by the students and the teachers during classroom hours due to non-availability of essential amenities.

The PTI government came in Power due to its claims of providing 100 percent free education, implementation of a single curriculum and one educational system in the country. It is pertinent to mention that government’s published free of cost textbooks are openly being sold in the markets and the public is compelled to buy these books. Therefore, it is suggested that the government must revisit its educational priorities and allocate massive funds for improvement in educational standards and provision of maximum facilities to the students in the class.

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