Hotel attack reveals security, intelligence failure

Monitoring Desk

KABUL: The First Vice President of Afghanistan General Abdul Rashid Dostum says the attack on Intercontinental Hotel reveals security and intelligence failure.

In a statement released in the aftermath of the deadly attack, Gen. Dostum said he is deeply saddened with the loss of life and property losses inflicted to the ordinary and innocent civilians. Gen. Dostum further added that the attack once again unveils the weakness of the security and intelligence organs to discover and prevent the programs of the terror groups.

He said the main issue lies with the better management in the security sector, emphasizing that the government should evaluate the security institutions in a bid to resolve issue and prevent the occurrence of such attacks in the future. A group of heavily armed insurgents launched a coordinated attack on Intercontinental Hotel in Kabul late on Saturday night, triggering a standoff that lasted for almost 15 hours.

According to the Ministry of Interior officials, the attack was launched by a group of at least five insurgents although reports indicate that six insurgents were involved in the attack. The ministry in a statement said Monday that eighteen people including fourteen foreigners were killed in the attack and nine others including security personnel were wounded.