How Pakistan can play its role in ensuring basic human rights are being upheld in Afghanistan

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Asmat Shah Garwaki

No one can deny the fact that Pakistan is the wholly and solely supporter of people of Afghanistan during the Taliban regime who recently succeeded in getting occupation of power corridors in Kabul and on such grounds Pakistan is being blamed for what the western world claims is human rights abuse throughout Afghanistan. At the moment, western world alleges a wide range violation of human rights at hands of gun toting Taliban militants.
Though the Taliban denied this, the US mouthpiece Voice of America (VOA) quoting HR Watchdog reported that since coming into power of Taliban on August 15th last, over 100 officers and personnel of Afghanistan armed forces, disappeared and might be killed by Taliban.
The US HR watchdog has denounced such killing despite the declaration of General Amnesty. However, Taliban Spokesperson Zabih Ullah Mujahid in reaction denied all such allegations saying that around 20 officers and personnel of armed forces of the previous government were killed on other grounds and in this respect investigations are in progress. He, however, has also confirmed involvement of Taliban in misuse of powers and action taken against over 200 so far.
Such cross allegations confirm gross level HR violations throughout Afghanistan. Besides HR abuse, the global organs also confirmed fuel miseries of already war stricken Afghans, thus asking all neighboring countries including Pakistan for opening borders for these people.
Since mid of previous August, almost state, semi state and other autonomous organs have either winded off its operations or made it suspended, thus rendering hundreds of thousands as jobless. Likewise almost trade, business, agriculture and other economic activities have also been badly affected. The affected people are now compelled either to sell belongings or to flee the country.
A recent report revealed that around 1500 leading traders and businessmen fled to Turkey. A large number of others (countless) are either staying in neighboring countries like Pakistan, Iran and Central Asian Republics or landed in the Middle East and Western world.
As a result of existing socio-economic, politico-diplomatic and administrative hardships, the abusers on various pretexts are focusing on abusing innocent and helpless people. The HR activists and organs from all over the world are making appeals to address these miseries and play a role in controlling gross level HR abuse in Afghanistan. And all these global forums are expecting a prime role from the immediate neighboring and regional countries in addressing miseries of Afghans.
Pakistan is not only a neighbor of Afghanistan but it has a great influence on politico-communal and administrative affairs of Afghanistan for the welfare of people. Since commencing pulling of US led allied troops out of Afghanistan in May 2021, Pakistan at high level diplomatic forums pleading the case of Afghanistan. Pakistan is playing a major role in motivating the global community to fulfill its responsibilities regarding Afghanistan. Instead of motivating others, Pakistan must take initiatives.
No one can neglect the fact that since mid of previous November, Pakistan through its important crossing points with Afghanistan, had made the process for pedestrians at Torkham and Chaman borders. As a result, the strength of pedestrians is now gradually increasing. But still there is a place for further relaxation. It is the time for Pakistan to further please the war affected Afghans. Besides easing the travelling and visiting process, Pakistan must play a role in ending every sort of hostilities in Afghanistan, which is possible with making bounds on the “Taliban rulers” to firm on their commitments of “general amnesty.”
The 40 years long war has ruined the economy, agriculture and administrative infrastructure of Afghanistan and the sudden withdrawal of international aid agencies have put the entire population at risk.
Soon after getting power by Taliban, on September 19 last, on behalf of the government of Pakistan ‘Pak Afghan Cooperation Forum (PACF)’ dispatched 17 trucks loaded with 300 tons of edibles to neighboring country Afghanistan to help the Afghan people facing shortage of food items.
Pak Afghan Cooperation Forum is a Trust established to assist the Afghan population during this hour of need. With the help of various philanthropists and the Government of Pakistan, it has managed through C-130, lifting 32 tons of flour, six tons of cooking oil, and two tons of medicine.
An aid convoy of 17 trucks loaded with a total of 300 tons edible items including 65 tons sugar, three tons pulses, 190 tons flour, 11 tons cooking oil and 31 tons rice sent to Afghanistan to remove the miseries of Afghan people. Beside the government institutions some Non Government Organizations like Centre for Research and Security Studies (CRSS) also kept on their struggle for promoting bilateral trade and economic connectivity. Last month CRSS successfully arranged a trip for Afghan trade delegation. They met with their counterpart and high rank officials of Pakistan in Peshawar and Islamabad as well. Some days later this delegation visit, Pakistan Foreign Minister visited Afghanistan and his counterpart came to Pakistan.
It is said that Pakistan aims not only to provide immediate humanitarian assistance in the form of food, medicine and non-food items to the people of Afghanistan, but help them to stand on their own feet and make their homeland a peaceful, stable and responsible member of the global community. In a message to the world that instead of adopting the policy of ‘wait and see’ they must come forward to help these vulnerable communities and appeal to all philanthropists within Pakistan and across the globe, to come forward and help Afghan people through generous donations to avert this humanitarian crisis.

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