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At the beginning of 2022, Russian troops, according to the Bild newspaper, may cross the border with Ukraine. Publishing details about a possible “invasion”, the publication refers to “sources from NATO and special services.” However, the final decision in the Kremlin has not yet been made, the article says. About the reaction of Moscow – in the material “Gazeta.Ru”.
The German newspaper Bild claims to have learned the details of the “plans to invade” Russian troops into the territory of Ukraine. The tabloid published the corresponding scheme, indicating that it is based on information received by the publication “from sources from NATO and intelligence services.”
“So Putin could have destroyed Ukraine,” reads the title of the publication. However, the subtitle already says that the Kremlin allegedly “has not yet decided whether to implement these plans.” At the same time, the number of military personnel from the Russian Federation, ready to be sent across the border, is also called – 175 thousand people.
From the caption to the main photo for the article, which depicts the Russian leader, it follows that “Russian President Vladimir Putin is threatening war if Ukraine does not stop peaceful efforts to return Donbass and Crimea.”
“For several days, the Kremlin threatened that a war against Ukraine would be inevitable if its government did not abandon its alleged plans to return the Russian-occupied Donbass and Russian-annexed Crimea,” the article further explains.
Bild also quoted US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken , who warned that “Russia’s plans range from efforts to destabilize Ukraine from within to large-scale military operations.”
The article also says that the Western intelligence services have known “Russia’s maximum plans for the war against Ukraine” since mid-October. Allegedly, the US foreign intelligence service intercepted the corresponding messages of the Russian military, first informing its own government, which, in turn, passed this information to NATO in November.
Publishing details about a possible “invasion” of Russia in Ukraine, the newspaper refers to a high-ranking officer, according to whom they “are in a box, and Putin has not yet decided whether they will be implemented.” “However, the transfer of troops since April has shown that the Kremlin appears to be leaning towards implementing plans for an attack,” writes Bild.
The publication notes that the details he has disseminated “are based on the assessments of several people from NATO and the security services who were able to see some of the possible plans for a Russian attack.”
Terms of operation
The beginning of this “attack” in the editorial office of the tabloid predicts for January or February 2022 – “if Ukraine and NATO do not respond to Putin’s demands.” “If Putin orders, the Russian army will launch a simultaneous attack from northern Crimea through the separatist territories to the east and north. This is an assessment of both NATO and Ukrainian military intelligence, ”the authors of the publication explain.
Note that in the presented diagram, Lviv is designated Lemberg – this is the Austrian name of the city until 1918, which was previously part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.
Stages of the “attack”: south, northeast, Kiev
According to other NATO insiders, three possible stages of an “invasion” are being considered.
Moreover, each of its phases may become the last, if the reaction of the West leads to a reassessment of the situation.
It is argued that at the first stage “the south of Ukraine will be conquered in order to ensure supplies to Crimea, as well as cut off Ukraine from the sea and, therefore, from supplies.”
“Russia plans to use the landing ships, which were airlifted from the Baltic Sea to the region in the spring,” to transport tanks and troops from Crimea to the area around Odessa, “said a senior Western intelligence officer.
Another interlocutor of the publication clarified that it was about carrying out an amphibious operation “east of Odessa, between the villages of Fontanka and Koblevo.” According to him, Russian troops will advance northeast of the city, then turn left and advance into Transnistria – this would encircle Odessa.
At the same time, in the Kherson region along the Dnieper River, “airborne operations of special forces, which would block bridges over the most important river in the country and thus cut off the supply of Ukrainians,” will allegedly be carried out. “Initially, only artillery fire on strong Ukrainian positions will be conducted from Crimea. Then the Ukrainian troops will be tied up here and will not be able to recapture the bridges behind them, ”explains the source of the newspaper.
It also follows from the scheme that Russian tank units, with the support of the Navy and aviation, will allegedly move west from the “occupied Donbass” in eastern Ukraine, then split and advance, on the one hand, to Zaporozhye, the most important military center in southern Ukraine, and further , on the other – towards the Crimea.
“If this succeeds, the entire south of Ukraine will be under Russian control, and Putin will build a corridor from Russia to the NATO border with Romania,” notes Bild.
The newspaper also suggests that in parallel with the first phase of the war, “aviation and ballistic missiles will weaken the military potential of Ukraine throughout the country.”
“If the Kremlin considers that the conditions for this have been met, Russian tank units can cross the border in the Lugansk and Kharkov regions and advance to the large cities of Dnipro and Poltava. First of all, they will surround cities and cut off electricity, gas and food supplies. In a few weeks, Russians can glorify themselves as the saviors of civilians, invade capitulating cities and save the Ukrainian population from starvation or death, ”explains one of the interlocutors of the publication.
At the third stage, it is assumed that the “Kremlin army” will supposedly attack Kiev from the north. “Of course, this can happen at the beginning of the war, if circumstances require it,” the source says.
“NATO strategists are not sure whether the Lukashenka regime will participate in hostilities from Belarus. Although dictator Lukashenko recently announced this, it has yet to be determined. If Belarus is ready to act as a starting point for Russian or even Belarusian attacks, it will be Russia’s plan to encircle and siege Kiev from the north-east and north-west with pincers. Subsequently, Russian troops will advance approximately to the Korosten-Uman line to cut off supplies from Western Ukraine. Then it will be possible to expect the surrender of Kiev, ”the article says.
As a result of the implementation of such a scenario, according to Bild, Russia will occupy about two-thirds of the current territory of Ukraine. And in this case, “there will be sanctions anyway – there is no point in stopping halfway,” the tabloid quotes a high-ranking NATO officer.
The forecasts of the interlocutors of the publication regarding the defense of Ukraine are disappointing. Their assessments agree that “the Ukrainians will fight, but they will not be able to withstand a major Russian attack.” “If they are not completely destroyed, the armed forces of Kiev will retreat to the west of the country,” one of them said.
“The American Javelin anti-tank missiles are definitely not enough for all Russian tanks, and the Turkish Bayraktar drones are easy prey for Russian warplanes,” Bild notes, adding that Ukraine will immediately need modern Western Patriot-type anti-aircraft missiles to defend itself. and anti-ship missiles of the “Harpoon” type.
According to an unnamed Western intelligence officer, the Allies are now rethinking the supply of weapons to Ukraine. “But this decision cannot come from NATO, but only from its sovereign members,” he explains.
We will remind that the map of a possible offensive of the Russian army in Ukraine was previously published by the American newspaper Washington Post . Allegedly, this information was provided to journalists by a White House employee who wished to remain anonymous.
How did they react in Moscow
Information about the alleged impending invasion of Ukraine is a “US special operation aimed at shifting responsibility to Moscow,” said the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova .
“The Russian armed forces on Russian territory are the legal right of a sovereign state. Based on NATO’s actions in the region, the American press should be concerned about the aggressive actions of not Russia, but the United States, ”she said. According to her, during the special operation, Washington is demonstrating the classic tactics of the West. “Only the scale of impudence and lies is impressive,” Zakharova emphasized.
In turn, a member of the Council of Federation Alexei Pushkov, as commented on the situation:
“The American and German journalists long been itching to – very much want to war with Russia. Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria are not enough for them. At the same time, they reflect the sentiments in the highest offices of a number of NATO countries:
“We must put the Russians in their place!” So they are preparing the right atmosphere for this, as they prepared before the wars against Iraq or Libya, obsessively exploiting the theme of the allegedly impending “Russian aggression against Ukraine,” the senator wrote in his Telegram channel.

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