How to destress Kids while learning virtually

How to de-stress Kids while learning virtually

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QUINCY, Ill (KHQA): “Some of the things we think of when we think of stress and anxiety is like crying or worrying about things more than normal, which are definitely signs of anxiety, but some kiddos are more explosive. It might be meltdowns, it might be irritability, it might be more frustration easily,” said Dr. Sandra Clark, a child psychologist at Quincy Medical Group.

And though your child may look calm and collected while staring at their computer screen, Dr. Clark said looks can be deceiving.

“Just sitting there, focusing on a screen, is like taking a bottle of soda and shaking it up, and then, at the end of it, it’s like opening it up and exploding. Some kids may not explode necessarily, but they may be more irritable or more fidgety. They may have a harder time focusing while they’re learning,” Dr. Clark said.

If you’re starting to see your child get worked up, destressing could be as simple as getting up and moving around.

It could benefit you too.

 “Another strategy that’s good for all people, not just the kids, maybe the teachers, maybe the adults that have to sit there and focus too, is movement. Taking breaks and having movement,” Dr. Clark said.

 And parents, don’t forget to treat yourself.

“We might need to provide our kids with rewards for getting through the school day, but also rewarding yourself. Maybe having your favorite coffee with you at the beginning of the day,” Dr. Clark said.


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