How to make money in New World

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As you venture through Aeternum, you’re going to need to spend some coin at some point. Money or gold is important for crafting, purchasing items and real estate, selling items, and other purposes.

Companies that own specific territories can adjust the tax rate, which can make spending money more or less convenient for players in the area. Along with these player-focused systems, money comes in handy for a ton of other things, be it upgrading your weapons or quickly purchasing some resources to help complete a town quest.

Fortunately, there are a few ways to earn money in New World. Here are the best ways to make money in the world of Aeternum.

How to earn money in New World

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The best way to make money in New World is by completing main story quests, or other side quests. Main story quests offer huge paydays for missions that you’re going to need to complete at some stage anyway, so there really is no reason to skip these.

Another great way to earn money is by selling items or resources at the Trading Post. This player-to-player auction system is the perfect place to offload items that you can’t use or are no longer using, and you can set whatever price you’d like. This means if no one else is selling an item that you have, you can set the price as high as you want, though this might turn off some potential buyers. An example of this is seeing Sugar selling for 100 gold despite being easily accessible for all players.

Expeditions are another great way to earn money, specifically through taking their repeatable side quest. Outside the entry to Amirine Excavation, you can get a mission from the dog Barkimedes, which will provide great EXP and gold. The enemies inside Expeditions provide gold too.

Farming mobs isn’t the most efficient way to make money, so it should only be done inside an Expedition.

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