How to send anonymous messages to your WhatsApp friends

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CALIFORNIA: WhatsApp is one of the applications where many people are currently chatting.  Through it you can share all the documents you need: from photos, videos to Zip, RAR or Word and PDF files. But sometimes we want to remain anonymous and not give out the cell number to just anyone.

Do you really know how to send a message from WhatsApp without the need to have a number? It is not about creating the classic virtual phone. The hack is pretty easy and can be run from WhatsApp Tools. Remember that it is always good to introduce yourself so that the other person does not have problems identifying you.

How to send a message anonymously

The first thing will be to enter the page of WhatsApp Tools.

·         Then tap where it says “Anonymous Message.”

·         There you must choose the code of your country.

·         Then you must write the number to which you want to send the message.

In the box below, simply write your message and add the files, such as photos or videos that you want to send.

This way you can send a message anonymously using WhatsApp Tools.

Click on “send message” and voila, you must wait a reasonable time for the message to be sent.

In WhatsApp Tools you can also download the profile picture of any person as long as they have the image publicly.

You even have the option to know if that person is connected or not.–