How Yerevan wants to “unleash the situation” with Baku

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Angelina Milchenko
The Armenian authorities are still verbally asking Russia to help preserve the country’s territorial integrity. This appeal was made in connection with the tense situation on the border with Azerbaijan. Yerevan claims that the Azerbaijani military invaded the territory of the republic and there are already casualties. In turn, the Azerbaijani MP is sure that Yerevan is simply trying to attract the attention of Russia.
Security Council Secretary Armen Grigoryan said that the Armenian authorities are preparing a written appeal to the Russian side with a request to help protect the territorial integrity of Armenia.
“Since the attack [from Azerbaijan] was on the sovereign territory of Armenia, we appeal to the Russian Federation with a call to protect the territorial integrity of Armenia within the framework of the 1997 treaty. This is an oral appeal, which will be given a written move, ”the secretary of the Armenian Security Council assured. He said this on the air of the Public TV channel.
It is about the Treaty of Friendship, Cooperation and Mutual Assistance between Russia and Armenia. It was signed on August 29, 1997. The document was signed by the first presidents of the countries Boris Yeltsin and Levon Ter-Petrosyan . According to the document, Russia and Armenia are obliged to provide each other with military assistance in the event of a military threat from either side.
Yerevan expects Russia to help restore the country’s territorial integrity. Armen Grigoryan stressed that the matter concerns military assistance to “achieve a solution to the situation.” In his words, Armenia will turn to Russia if Yerevan and Baku fail to independently resolve the tense situation in the region.
Earlier, the Armenian Foreign Ministry reported that the Azerbaijani military had invaded the territory of the republic. This allegedly led to human casualties.
“The attack is a continuation of the consistent policy of the Azerbaijani side to occupy the territories of the Republic of Armenia, which was initiated on May 12 this year by the penetration of the Azerbaijani armed forces into the Syunik and Gegharkunik regions of Armenia,” the Armenian diplomats say.
Yerevan called on the international community, Russia, its allies in the CSTO, the Minsk Group and the OSCE to respond to the situation in the region. In addition, Armenia exp-ects from the allies “effective steps towards the un-conditional and complete withdrawal of the armed forces of Azerbaijan from the territory of the Republic of Armenia.” It is emphasized that Baku violated the trilateral ceasefire agreement of November 9 last year.
The Armenian Defense Ministry noted that the data on the dead and wounded are still being specified. Nevertheless, “it is known about the loss of two combat positions.” The situation on the border remains tense, the department reported on local battles. It is alleged that Azerbaijanis are using artillery, armored vehicles and small arms.
In Baku, all claims of Armenia are denied, accusing the enemy of shelling Azerbaijani positions. The chairman of the Milli Mejlis (Azerbaijani parliament) committee on international relations and inter-parliamentary relations, Samed Seyidov, told Gazeta.Ru that the statements of the Armenian side about clashes with Azerbaijan are a provocation.
According to him, none of the statements that have been heard in Baku for a long time have been confirmed. “Yerevan is making provocations on the line of contact, because there are no borders yet, provocations are in the zone of responsibility of the Russ-ian peacekeepers, recently one Armenian even threw a grenade,” he said, noting that the Azerbaijani military suffered.
According to the MP, “the root of all this is the lack of desire to establish a lasting peace, delimit and demarcate borders on the part of Armenia.”
Seyidov believes that Yerevan wants to involve Russia in this situation, instead of sitting down at the negotiating table and concluding a peace agreement with Baku. The politician is sure that the Armenian authorities are not interested in a peaceful resolution of the conflict.
“Because the escalation of tension gives it [Armenia] the opportunity to speculate on its relevance and importance, thereby causing a headache for the Russian Federation,” he said.
The MP stressed that the current appeal of Yerevan to Moscow is a reason to attract the attention of the Russian Federation.
For a long time, Armenia and Azerbaijan have been in conflict over Nagorno-Karabakh. Baku considers this territory its own, and Yerevan insists on the self-determination of the people. In the fall of last year, the conflict escalated. To resolve it, Moscow offered its assistance and acted as a mediator – on the night of November 10, 2020, the Prime Minister of Armenia and the presidents of Azerbaijan and Russia signed a joint statement on an armistice and the introduction of Russian peacekeepers into the region.

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