Human rights, subversion and politics

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Secretary of State Antony Blinken has told US diplomats to make the promotion of human rights and democracy a priority, even in countries with abusive governments that happen to be US allies. He further said that it’s fine to admit America’s own struggles for protection of human rights. According to Blinken, standing up for democracy and human rights everywhere is not in tension with America’s national interests nor with its national security. It is squarely in America’s national interests and strengthens US national security when democracy and human rights are protected and reinforced worldwide. Blinken listed several priorities for US diplomats including bolstering movements for democratic reform in strategically important countries and close US partners, giving citizens the means to combat surveillance techniques while promoting their access to information, cracking down on corruption, and preventing abuses by security forces overseas, including those that the United States helps arm. Blinken said that the political polarization, disinformation and misinformation, and low levels of trust in government, neither has it been immune to human rights failures, with too many Americans still facing discrimination on multiple fronts. While telling the US Diplomats the way of busting the pressure on other countries while admitting US weaknesses and inadequacies in Human rights, Blinken said that US Diplomats must make clear that we ask no more of other countries than we ask of ourselves. Blinken said that US Diplomats should acknowledge our imperfections. The US doesn’t sweep them under the rug but wants to confront them openly and transparently.

In fact, the American deep state had changed its way of war with the change of administration, because the United States needed new tools and weaponry to combat the new challenges and confront its adversaries at international level. During the coming years, it needs to confront two challenges in the world including Chinese expansionism and restructuring of Middle East regions as per demands of Israel, therefore the Biden administration had taken up human rights at the top of its foreign Policy priorities. Although, Blinken and his elders had charted a well-thought strategy to confront their adversaries and even their allies to keep them under pressure. Blinken taught all the required tactics and techniques to his diplomatic agents around the world and gave them free hand to encourage the movements for democratic reform in strategically important countries and close US partners, giving citizens the means to combat surveillance techniques while promoting their access to information and many more. Although Blinken used honey coated words while briefing his agents, it is a clean chit to them to intervene into the domestic affairs of other countries. Exploitation of needs and supporting or provocation of other countries subject to their demands or even just needs is called subversion and if America perceives this a good phenomenon then let other countries to do so in the United States as Blinken admitted that there is a lot to do in this field. Although protection of human rights is a big challenge in various parts of the world, however, US has always remained biased and selective on the issue of human rights in various countries and always raised this issue with its foes and escaped the friends. Therefore, a universal approach should be made through the United Nations and the disputes/ issues on the UN agenda must be taken up first so there should be uniformity at international level, so let’s take Kashmir and Palestine as test cases of human rights deprivation at international level.

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