‘I didn’t feel like being in prison while in Taliban’s detention’

KABUL (Khaama Press): Afghan Professor Faizullah Jalal who was in the Taliban’s detention for four days said, that he was well treated and did not feel as being in prison during his detention days. Faizullah Jalal said that most of the Taliban affiliates where he was detained were educated and he felt like being a guest.
The prominent university lecturer and political analyst were arrested from his home in Kabul. In his first interview with Radio Free of Afghanistan after release, Jalal said that the Taliban behaved with him very well and that even some Taliban members opposed his detention. “Even the Taliban told me not to stop telling truth and continue telling truth. Taliban told me that they do not oppose freedom of speech but it should be Islamic, not western.” Said Jalal. Faizullah Jalal said that he was respected for being a university lecturer and a professor. Spokesperson of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan Zabiullah Mujahid had said that he was arrested for provoking people against the IEA.