IEA delegation discusses Afghan Refugees’ problems with Iranian officials

KABUL (Khaama Press): A delegation from the Ministry of Refugee and Repatriation of Afghanistan on Monday met with Iranian officials in Tehran and discussed the problems of Afghan refugees accordingly.

According to the ministry’s announcement, the delegation headed by Mawlavi Mohammad Jan Khadarkhil will address the problems of Afghan refugees with Iranian officials and look for possible solutions.

Furthermore, the delegation will also visit Afghan Embassy in Tehran, and assess the administrative affairs unit of the Afghan Embassy in Tehran, the ministry Tweeted.

The visit comes following the handover of the Afghan Embassy to the Taliban diplomats in Tehran in the recent past, and the Taliban’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs replaced some former employees of the Afghan Embassy with their representatives.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs points out that shuffling diplomatic staff members of a mission is a usual administrative affair and the legitimate right of every country,” read a statement.

The visit was aimed at addressing the many issues Afghan refugees are currently plagued with in different cities of Iran. Over the past couple of months, Iranian officials have incarcerated and forcefully deported hundreds of Afghan migrants who failed to provide legal stay permits.

Meanwhile, Iranian officials have handed over dozens of Afghan detainees to the Taliban authorities during the past week, and more will be transferred in the coming days, according to local sources.

Since the overthrow of the previous regime in August 2021, thousands of Afghans fearing persecution and death threats under the Taliban regime migrated to the neighboring countries, particularly Iran and Pakistan. Most of these refugees entered the host countries without visas through illegal routes – no they face serious issues including forceful deportation and imprisonment in the host countries.