‘IEA recognition by international community takes time’

KABUL (Agencies): The spokesman of the political office of the Islamic Emirate in Qatar says: that the process for gaining recognition by the international community will take time adding that efforts are underway to achieve recognition.
The Islamic Emirate interaction is with most countries of the world in various sectors, says Mohammad Naeem Wardak the spokesman of the Islamic Emirate in Doha.
“We have interactions, we have meetings and requests, and their officials travel here, and meetings are held, we have business interactions, economic interactions, and interactions in different sectors,” said Mohammad Naeem, said the spokesman of the Islamic Emirate’s Political Office in Qatar to a private TV channel.
The statements were made while global interactions with the Islamic Emirate are expanding; In addition to the fact that a number of countries, after the victory of the Islamic Emirate in Afghanistan, maintained their diplomatic presence in the country, and then a number of other countries and international organizations joined the process.
Recently, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation in Afghanistan reopened its representative office in Kabul.
Air corridors, which play a role in transfers, were activated again, new banknotes were printed with the help of the international community to solve the liquidity problem in the country, steps have been taken in trade between the countries of the region, and other things.
All these are signs of interaction and cooperation between the Islamic Emirate and the international community, which facilitates the process of recognizing the new government in Afghanistan.