IEA supports genuine investment in country

KABUL (Agencies): Deputy Prime Minister, Mawlavi Abdul Salam Hanafi, in a meeting with a number of economic activists and influential figures, said: “The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan supports and welcomes any kind of businesses and genuine investment in the country”.
During the meeting, with Deputy Prime Minister, Hanafi, Haji Mohammad Asif spoke on behalf of others, thanked the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan for ensuring the security of investors and businessmen in the country, and called security one crucial element for investments, which has been maintained in the country, since the Islamic Emirate’s sovereignty, a statement said released by Deputy PM’s office.
The businessmen in this meeting asked the Islamic Emirate for providing them marketing grounds for their products, the statement added.
For his part, Deputy PM Hanafi called their business activities important for the economic development of the country and said that the Islamic Emirate supports and welcomes any kind of business and genuine investments in the country.